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The Temple Heart & Vascular Institute’s dedicated key account manager is always available to assist you with the needs of your patients requiring specialty services or advanced care.

Gregory Morenko
Mobile: 267-858-1948

Refer a Patient to the Temple Heart & Vascular Institute

The Temple Heart & Vascular Institute makes it easy for physicians to refer. To arrange for a patient appointment with the Temple Heart & Vascular Institute, please call 215-707-5555.

As a physician, your call will be received by a Temple Access Center service representative. Our representatives are available to help you with any needed arrangements and are responsible for every call being completed to the physician's satisfaction. Your Access Center representative can help:

  • Schedule a patient appointment
  • Contact a physician or get information
  • Make special arrangements for patients
  • Update your contact information
  • Request information about the Temple Heart & Vascular Institute

Urgent Transfer Assistance

For urgent transfer assistance, call the Temple Transfer Center 215-707-TRAN (8726) for 24/7. 

Critical Care Transport

For immediate ground or air critical care transport, call the Temple Transport Team (T3) 1-866-4T3-TEAM (483-8326).

Our Goal: Co-Management with the Referring Physician

After referral, the Temple team will manage all aspects of medical, interventional or surgical care. An essential part of that care is ongoing involvement of the patient’s own primary physician. To that end, we always provide the referring physician with clear and timely assessments of patient status.

Our detailed updates and routine phone calls ensure that the physician who best knows the patient stays in the loop. We believe that easy accessibility and open communication are keys to optimal care and excellent long-term outcomes.

Our specialists and their staff work directly with the referring physician to explain and coordinate any recommended monitoring program or post-intervention follow-up.